"Bringing Color to the Classics"


The CAAPA Executive Board:

The Executive Board makes policies related to the operations of the organization. These policies may relate to Board membership criteria, terms of service, job descriptions, committee assignments, orientation and training, cultivation of prospective members, meeting quality and effectiveness, committee structure, delegation of authority, evaluation and assessment of the Board and members and other such items in support of a highly functioning Board. The Executive Board committee also nominates new Board members and new Board officers.

Honorary Board Members:

Invited by the Executive Board and/or Board Members and approved by the Executive Board, Honorary Board Members serve on board as a nonvoting member in an advisory capacity. This is an honorific title in recognition of the member’s active participation, financial contribution or continuing strong interest in the organization and whose affiliation with the organization would be welcome. Board chairs are granted this title automatically.

Board Members:

Selected by and appointed by the Executive Board, CAAPA Board Members lend support to the Executive Board when requested and serve as Committee Chairpersons for the standing CAAPA Committees: Membership Committee, Fundraising and Finance Committee; Scholarship Committee;  Marketing and Advertising Committee; and Programming and Outreach Committee.

Membership Committee:

Membership Committee members are responsible to aid in the recruitment and renewing of CAAPA members.  Committee offers excellent support and resources that extend to membership marketing.  In addition, development and effective marketing tools for internet recruitment and retention.

Fundraising and Finance Committee:

The Fundraising and Finance Committee, chaired by the Treasurer, recommends policies to the Board related to CAAPA’ finances and will monitor, on at least a quarterly basis, the finances and the financial policies of the organization.

Scholarship Committee:

Membership Committee members are responsible to organize and recruit potential scholarship recipients for the annual scholarship and competition.

Marketing and Advertising Committee:

The Marketing and Advertising Committee recommends policy related to all aspects of marketing for CAAPA: the creation and operation of a system for regular identification of constituents, assessment of their wants and needs, definition of services responsive to those and consistent with CAAPA’ mission and resources, determination of perceived value and communication of CAAPA’ mission, purpose and results. This committee will also review all communication pieces for compliance with policy and established plans.

Programming and Outreach Committee:

The Programming Committee recommends, seeks and secures partnerships and relationships with arts associations, organizations, public, private and non-profit entities and presenter venues as they relate to programs that CAAPA undertakes or plays a part in. The Executive Director will be on this Committee.


Committee assignments are made every two years at the General Membership Meeting. Each Committee is chaired by a Board Member. All CAAPA Committee meetings are held via tele-conferencing for the convenience of out-of-state participants.  Phone numbers, access codes, and exact dates and times of meetings will be made available 7-10 days prior to schedule meeting dates by the Board Member Committee Chair.


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